Sweet Ways to Lower Blood-Sugar


It’s National Diabetes Awareness and Prevention Day!

Shannyn’s family tree has an over abundance of Diabetes- her mom, aunty, grandma and even great grandma were (are) all Diabetic.

The following info is shared from Shannyn to you with hope for a healthy family tree to grow for you and yours!


It was years ago that I was blessed to have a massage (I know, swoon) and at the end of the massage, I asked the therapist if he noticed anything that was out of line.
“Nope” he said, “All the bones and muscles are in right order, but you eat too much sugar, that’s why your back hurts RIGHT THERE” as he pressed into the spot on the right side of my middle back that ALWAYS hurt.

“What? What do you mean?” with a shrug of his shoulder he gave me insight that would change everything for me.  “That’s not a muscle hurting” he explained “That’s where your pancreas is. It’s inflamed. Don’t believe me? Cut out refined sugar for a week and see if you notice a difference.” He further explained that I didn’t even have to cut out all sugar, just the white stuff. Switch to raw sugar or honey, he said.

I did. And guess what! No. More. Back pain!

So let’s start there. If you have a pain in the right side of your middle back, cut out white sugar for a week and see if anything changes.

Beyond that, there is so much you can to to keep your body humming along, healthy and even with the worst genetic pool, be encouraged. You don’t need to receive the diagnosis plaguing so many in our Nation today.



Here are a few simple things that you can do today to help your body stay healthy or even return to the health it was created for.

1-SAY NO to fake food! GMO foods are not real food. Even if your tongue thinks they are, your cells not better. Don’t eat them. Kick them to the curb! Corn, Soy, Canola oil are the most common offenders with any hydrogenated oil fast behind. Skip the fake stuff, including dyes and bleaching agents.

2-FEED Your Body the good stuff! Macro’s are key. Good fiber helps your body do the happy dance. They slow down the rate at which your body absorbs glucose and help detoxify your system. Some great fiber choices that are nutrient rich are Artichokes, Avocado, Nuts and Seeds (especially Chia and Flax) Healthy fats (like coconut oil) can help level out your blood sugar therefore helping out your pancreas. Good clean protein is also key. They work to slow the absorption of sugar. So, if you eat meat, get good grass-fed organics, wild-caught fish (which are packed with Omega-3’s to reduce inflammation) or reach for lentils or eggs!

3-MOVE Your Body! Studies show that as little as 20 minute of light exercise 5 times a week can help prevent and even reverse type 2 diabetes.



About 10% of the American Population has diabetes, including our kiddos.

How about we move that number down by moving our bodies UP and out for a nice walk and then a healthy plate of real, nutritious food. We can reclaim the health God gave us, one step, bite, choice at a time.


Shannyn Caldwell is a certified holistic nutritionist a student of Naturopathic Medicine


Shannyn’s Healthy Homemade Yogurt

excerpted :

Last month, we Caldwell’s welcomed an InstantPot into our kitchen.

Honestly, pressure cookers have always scared me a bit, with stories circulating through our family history of explosions and spaghetti sauce on the ceiling. But when all of American exploded at Christmas with blog upon blog and photo after photo of happy/healthy mama’s smiling next to their shinny little cooker-bots…I BIT!

Mostly, I wanted to be able to push a button that says “Yogurt” and then watch a tiny little miracle happen. And THAT’S exactly what I feel has happened.

My Syrian grandma, Mary used to make her own yogurt. It was delish. Making is…GROSS, Grandma! But this? It’s “set it and forget it” goodness.

My husband says it’s the best he’s ever had. My son has requested I make it each week!

And…EASY! So…if you are feeling adventurous or just want to up that pro-biotic count and thus improve your digestion and absorption of nutrients, this is for you.

I don’t know about YOU but for me, if it’s going into something called the “Instant Pot” it better be really, really easy. Dare I say Instant? There are many yogurt recipes out there, so I started with the most simple and decided I’m move up the “complicated tree” if the simple one did not turn out. Count yourself bless, Insta-friend! The easiest one worked out just GREAT!

This is definitely easy. No boiling. No thermometer! (since this is non-dairy yogurt)

To create this Greek Yogurt textured pot of yummy, simply mix all the ingredients above (except the gelatin) together. Split the creamy goodness between your two clean ball jars and put them uncovered in your Instant Pot for 11 hours.  When your little pot sings it’s happy “I’m done” song it will read “Yogurt” on the display! That’s when you just pull out the jars, stir in the gelatin (or better yet, blend in the gelatin)  and pop them in your refrigerator until they are cool.

And they are SO cool! I hope you enjoy this and thanks to the blogger at My Big Fat Grain Free Life for getting this idea started. (she doesn’t add the syrup so hers is a pure plain yogurt, while this is a tiny bit sweet)

Top with your favorites: Berries….MORE syrup? Have fun, sweet ones! Be well.

Shannyn Caldwell is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and student of Naturopathic Medicine 

Flu-Proof Like A Boss

With the Flu virus making it’s nasty rounds across Family Life Nation, here’s a few tips to “Flu-Proof Your House” from the experts at Texas Children’s Hospital!

The single most important thing to do is prevent the spread of germs.

In Your Home

Wash your hands frequently, soap up between your fingers and don’t forget your thumbs, and scrub for about 20 seconds, or about as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday!

Isolate toothbrushes. Once a household member has a cold, it’s best to separate their toothbrush from the rest of the pack to avoid germ contamination. After the person gets well, replace the toothbrush or toothbrush head with a new one.

Launder bedding frequently. The best thing to do if someone is sick is to put them in a separate room to sleep, preventing the spread of germs as well as preserving your precious sleep. If this isn’t possible and you must share the same bed, wash your sheets frequently in hot water. It even helps to wash just the pillowcases every few days. Bath towels should be washed every day or two.

Clean your humidifier. Humidifiers help soothe sinuses and nasal passages, especially when you have coughing and chest congestion. But if you are using your humidifier on a daily basis to make your patient feel better, once a day you should empty the tank and then wipe it down until it’s dry.

Keep the remotes wiped off. Flu sufferers are likely to spend long hours on the couch sniffling and feeling sorry for themselves.


Take a Clean HEARTING Challenge!


We hear PLENTY about “Clean Eating” but I Bible talks about having clean “hands and clean hearts”

On today’s show we had to joy of chatting with the founder of Revelation Wellness founder Alisa Keeton. She suggests that a truly healthy person has not just a clean diet, but a clean heart.

Here are a couple of ways that YOU can take the Clean Hearting Challenge:

Fast from Shame…allowing the Lord to cover you with His mercy.

Don’t just fuel your body with good nutrition, feast for your spirit! Spend time in the Word daily.

Remember that in our weakness, He is strong, so rather that doing ALL the “heavy lifting” in your life, cast your cares on HIM!

(Sounds a lot like our Family Life Radio 30-Day’s of HOPE! We pray you join us today and experience hope and a wellness revelation!)

Thanks to Alisa!

Can a healthy 2018 be yours? YES!

Today we spoke with fitness trainer and national health coach Peter Neilsen!

Here are three simple tips he shared to help you get on track for 2018:

1-Drink your water! All your water. It will help your body use the nutrients you give it through healthy meals and supplement choices.

2-Peter suggests that we avoid processed grains (like white flour and rice) and choose a whole grain instead.

3-MOVE your body! Even light exercise, like a brisk walk can make a big difference if done with consistency.

Peter suggests 5 times per week!

And don’t forget, the most important tip: Care for your SOUL! Health is an inside job.

For more tips, check out Peter at his Peter’s Principles and catch him on Family Life Radio!

What to Remember About Alzheimer’s

Much like cancer, most of us either have a loved one or know of someone who has struggled with Alzheimer’s Disease.

When we don’t have enough each day to care for somebody, we turn to God to give us that strength.” That’s the gist of what Dr. Benjamin Mast tells P&S this morning, during National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Dr. Mast says patients “forget recent information very quickly, but there are other things they can remember much better.”  Some of those other things include “stories of long ago“, “old hymns“, and “scriptures they’ve learned.

Dr. Mast is a professor at the University of Louisville & author of Second Forgetting.


Bedtime Devotions

As hectic as the days can get, bedtime can be just as hectic.  Can I get a witness?  But Dr. Johnny Hunt says it can also be a great bonding time for you & your child.


What a great opportunity to teach them what to use as a plumb line or a moral compass for their life.  His word, his promises to us.  These are promises that are reliable .. they’re great words of truthfulness, honesty, and verity.  So that they’re really making a lifetime investment in these very young, formative years. 

Dr. Hunt’s new Bedtime Devotions with Jesus is geared to not only facilitate discussion with your youngster, but also teach them to own their faith.