What to Remember About Alzheimer’s

Much like cancer, most of us either have a loved one or know of someone who has struggled with Alzheimer’s Disease.

When we don’t have enough each day to care for somebody, we turn to God to give us that strength.” That’s the gist of what Dr. Benjamin Mast tells P&S this morning, during National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Dr. Mast says patients “forget recent information very quickly, but there are other things they can remember much better.”  Some of those other things include “stories of long ago“, “old hymns“, and “scriptures they’ve learned.

Dr. Mast is a professor at the University of Louisville & author of Second Forgetting.


Bedtime Devotions

As hectic as the days can get, bedtime can be just as hectic.  Can I get a witness?  But Dr. Johnny Hunt says it can also be a great bonding time for you & your child.


What a great opportunity to teach them what to use as a plumb line or a moral compass for their life.  His word, his promises to us.  These are promises that are reliable .. they’re great words of truthfulness, honesty, and verity.  So that they’re really making a lifetime investment in these very young, formative years. 

Dr. Hunt’s new Bedtime Devotions with Jesus is geared to not only facilitate discussion with your youngster, but also teach them to own their faith.