A Fall Full of Hope

Help for the Homeless

Last fall, your support made it possible to partner with Unite Phoenix, and Hope Response to pack boxes filled with clothes, food and essential items for the Navajo Nation. Thank you for the hope your giving helped provide!

Community Impact for the Homeless

The homeless in downtown Phoenix say, “Thank you!” for the bags of essential items distributed through an outreach in partnership with Dsquared Home for the Homeless


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Melody’s Heart
In Memoriam Roger Bonney
Intentional Living
New Year, New Beginnings

A Song to Heal Melody’s Heart

The mother of a drug addict carries around a lot of hurt in her heart.

Anger at the pills or powder that have taken her child. Fear of the phone call that will surely someday come — with news of an accident, an arrest, an overdose or worse. Guilt over the things she could or should have done. Sadness about her family that may never again be whole.

Melody, of Arizona, felt all of these emotions and more as she watched her 20-year-old son Trevor fall deeper and deeper into addiction.

Desperate for hope

Alone with her thoughts was when Melody felt the most hopeless. Often, to keep her mind from despair, she would turn on the radio to keep her mind occupied.

“I usually listened to country, rock or pop,” says Melody. “But I started to notice I always felt sad when I listened to those stations.”

Music from heaven

One day, while driving in her car, Melody stumbled upon Family Life Radio.

This music is so different, she thought to herself, as she let the lyrics wash over her. “Today, Family Life Radio is the only station I listen to,” says Melody. “I now feel uplifted when I listen to the radio. As soon as I turn it on, it’s exactly
the song I needed to hear.”

Lives transformed, hearts healed

Hurting people like Melody are so grateful for the hope and peace you make possible through Family Life Radio.

“I realize now, I was so thirsty for the Lord and His guidance during a difficult time,” said Melody. “Thank you for being there for me and others. God bless you all!”

Today, as Melody continues to watch her son, Trevor walk the dark path of addiction, she finds refuge in God through Family Life Radio. Thank you!

Thank YOU for being the hands and feet of Jesus!

The support you and other faithful friends provide, in partnership with local ministries, makes such a beautiful impact on our local communities. Thank you so much for your generosity, which shows the love of Christ in our communities!


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A Fall Full of Hope
In Memoriam Roger Bonney
Intentional Living
New Year, New Beginnings

Why We Are Better Together

This weekend was my college class reunion.

It wasn’t a “special year” per se.  The department has an annual home-coming event.

But this year, my college bestie (Shannon) said, “I’ll go if you do” and we booked our trips!

I know I’m dating myself a bit to say it.

I don’t care.

It’s been 23 years since the last time I hugged my best friends neck.

23 YEARS! A lot can change with that much time.

I’ve gotten saved.

She’s gotten saved.

We’ve each raised our babies to almost grown.

We each lost our daddy’s since last we were face to face.

We’ve lived our lives from opposite ends of the nation, always staying in contact.

Isn’t that just a rich blessing from the Father and something of His design at play?

He sends us out two by two.

In my case…He’s blessed me with an “other” who makes me laugh so hard I count seeing her as an ab workout!

There is nothing like someone who’s seen you at your best and your very ugly worst and loved you just exactly the same.

Isn’t that like Jesus is with us?

My heart is full of gratitude and hope today.

Do you have a sister (or brother) of the heart?

I challenge you this: take time to connect. Send a text. Give a call.

You will both be stronger for it. I sure am.

-Shannyn Caldwell

Shannyn and Shannon-Wright State University Class Reunion

Men’s Health Must Know’s

June is Men’s Health Month.

Fitness expert Peter Nielsen shares some “next right one things” to help our men (and ourselves) live healthier lives!

Hear our interview here:

Connect with our guest here:



Being Wrong When You Are Right

Sometimes when you are right, you’re wrong.

It feels good when you know you are totally, undeniably right when heading into a confrontation with someone. You know you were wronged and you know that you can prove it without even a hint of doubt. Before you barge in like a scene from a movie ready to be your own hero, consider that while your case is airtight, your approach may not be.

There is more at stake in any argument than just being right or wrong; there is the relationship. Without the relationship this person’s offense might not have even matter in the first place and been dismissed as the other person’s ignorance. We are typically more offended by people we expect not to offend us because of our relationship with them. If that relationship and the restoration of that relationship matters to you at all then make sure your approach is also right.

Over the weekend, I was upset at something the coach had done to my daughter. It wasn’t a terrible thing but it was certainly unfair. I was tempted to a.) complain to the other parents and b.) let the coach know my frustration while I was still pretty angry. I’d like to report that in this particular incident I did neither. Look at that! I’m acting all adult-like! Instead, I sent her a text that shared my concern briefly (because wondering what someone wants to talk about is stressful) and asked when would be a good time to discuss the matter. She responded politely and we set up a time to talk—which we did a couple days later and it went great.

The relationship mattered and news flash: It Always Matters. “As far as it concerns you, live at peace with one another.” Romans 12:18. (While this verses is speaking to, how Christians should treat one another, there are other verses that talk about how we should also do this for everyone. I just appreciate how succinctly its stated in Romans.) If I had undermined my relationship with the coach it would affect my daughter, which would in turn effect her ability to grow and learn in the sport. It would have caused tension and stress at every subsequent interaction.

There is something beautiful about resolution in that when it’s done God’s way you can truly leave it behind you and move forward. Surprisingly that includes when the other party doesn’t care to reconcile, because God gives you a sense of peace for your effort to do things the right way.

The Bible says in Matthew that, “if your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother.” What is the most wonderful outcome to a confrontation? Its not going to be you being more right than the other person; its going to be the complete restoration of the relationship.