Daniel discovered life-saving hope — thanks to friends like you!

Many people go through seriously rough patches in life. The blows seem to just keep coming, and it’s all too easy to lose hope entirely.

That’s what happened for Daniel. First he lost his job, then his family. He felt that he’d lost control of his whole life.

In this dark time, Daniel says, “The devil was trying to tell me that if I committed suicide then I’d be in control one more time.”

Before he carried through with his tragic plan, Daniel took a trip to his dad’s ranch to feed the cows. Normally, he’d sit on a hilltop overlooking the cattle and listen to a country music station. That day he thought to himself, “I’ll just listen to one more depressing country song and then call it quits.”

But God worked a miracle that day: Daniel couldn’t get his radio to tune in to the country station. Instead, the Family Life Radio station in Albuquerque, New Mexico, kept breaking in.

“I’d never listened to it before,” Daniel says, “but it was like, ‘Wow!’ I think it was Charles Stanley that you were airing. He was sharing a great message, and I just stayed listening.”

Thanks to the support of friends like you, Family Life Radio was on the air ready for Daniel to hear. And God used it powerfully to save Daniel’s life!

Daniel recalls, “Then Charles [Stanley] said, ‘You need Jesus.’ He basically went through my exact circumstances, saying that ‘if your life’s falling apart, you need Jesus.’ So I gave my life to Jesus. I prayed the prayer to receive Jesus then and there!”

Your generous support of Family Life Radio helps many people like Daniel discover that there is a God who loves them and will care for them no matter what. Daniel says now, “It’s been a challenging time, but God is faithful! Like He says, He will never leave me or forsake me.”

Thank you for giving so many people like Daniel life-saving hope!

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