Intentional Voice: Learn How to Experience Financial Freedom

The Bible has a lot to say about money and how to handle it. In fact, there are over 2,000 references to it. In a world of constant change, thankfully God’s word is unchanging. At Family Life Radio, we’re excited to offer insights on handling money through a biblical perspective with John Moore Associates, a respected financial planning company and long-time friend of Family Life Radio. Here you’ll find encouragement and practical information to help you “Experience Financial Freedom” and find true joy and happiness that money can’t buy.


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When it Comes to Your Money, Make Wise Decisions and Trust God with the Outcomes! (Oct 2022)

If you’re part of the 58% of Americans that own stock according to Gallup Research, then chances are it can be tempting to turn on the news each morning (or check an app) and experience an emotional roller-coaster in response to market changes. Depending on the day you can go from a sense of security to a mindset of worry. Learn how to change your mindset to help you release the feeling of control, which allows you to view money as a tool…just as God intends.

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When Seeking Trusted, Wise Counsel About Your Money, Avoid This Common Mistake! (Oct 2022)

Our plans are more likely to succeed when we seek wise counsel. Financial plans are no exception. When seeking financial advice, you’ll need to consider your goals and needs. Modern technology has made planning more accessible than ever, but tech-based solutions can only offer so much. So what are you looking for in an advisor, and how do you make that choice Learn how to seek wise counsel for the long-term health of your finances (and your stress level).

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Keys to Your Financial Freedom

Three Simple Ways to Grow Your Savings in the New Economy (July 2022)

When It Comes to Your Finances, Start Living Intentionally in an Unpredictable World (July 2022)

Key #1 – Spend less than you make

Key #2 – Be prudent about debt

Key #3 – Build Liquidity

Key #4 – Set long-term goals

Key #5 – Act like a manager, not an owner

Key #6 – Give generously

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