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Anne Wilson Talks About Her Jesus

Anne Wilson shares the tragedy that motivated her career in music, the stories behind her huge song “My Jesus” and her new song “Sunday Sermons,” the singers who have influenced […]

247. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (Christ All Around Me Message)

Wrong Amazon Packages – Janice's Nasal Strips | Pre-Spring Fundraiser – You Could Win $3000 in Free Gas* | Wrong Amazon Packages – Wendy's Pug Pillow | Good News – […]

1. December 9, 2021

Did you miss Kankelfritz & Friends this morning? Catch up on today’s show as we bring you the highlights right here, right now!

379. FAIL Stands for First Attempt In Learning

6 O'Clock News – A Car for an Amazing Custodian and Making Family Experiences | Family Experiences – Andrea Pretended it was the 1800s when Lights Went Out | Family […]

211. It’s National Compliment Day!

Waffle House for Valentines’ – Louise Went There | Kids Say – Mary Had a Little Lamb | Debra and the Prayer Wall | Craig Cooper – How Walker Hayes […]

425. It’s Okay To Get the Help That You Need (2/14/23)

Meals that traumatized you as a kid | Cecil's beat-up steak | We aren't as disconnected as you think | Post-It note Valentine | Pamela poured her chili on the […]

123: Putting the Joy Back in Your Life

988 – The New Mental Health Hotline | Bonnie – How Depression Can Minister to Others | Right Now: Ready for an En Gedi | Good News: Lauren Found a […]

Lauren & Michael McAfee: Beyond Our Control

Lauren and Michael McAfee, co-authors of "Beyond Our Control: Let Go of Unmet Expectations, Overcome Anxiety, and Discover Intimacy With God," talk about joy in the middle of terrible trials, […]

320. Welcome to Our New Listeners in Detroit!

Unique Sandwiches – Mary's BLTGC | Unique Sandwiches – Sheila's Fried Bologna Sandwich | Quiet Your Inner Mean Girl | Good News – Kay at the Women's Shelter | Dwayne […]

357. Make the Time and Make the Chili

Old Fashions – Farrah Fawcett Hair | Old Fashions – Shoulder Pads | How Many Homes – Patty's Re-Nesting | Good News – Tim's Finding Joy Even After the Loss […]

166. Home Remedies and Healing from Emotional Wounds

Mysti Likes Charley Horses | Kank’s Wife Got Her Own Birthday Cake | Mysti and Sally’s Home Remedies | Erin Davis – Where Fasting Comes In | Little Laughs – […]

4. December 14, 2021

How do you help somebody out this Christmas season? Hear stories from people like Shanna and Nikki for ideas on how you can make a difference in someone’s life today! […]

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